Nx becomes ESLint gold sponsor

by Nicholas C. Zakas - 18 February 2021

We are happy to announce that Nx is a gold sponsor of ESLint. It is an honor to be supported by Nx. We are grateful to Jeff Cross, Co-founder and Principal Architect, and Victor Savkin, Co-founder, and to the Nx team.


We are happy to share that Nx has become an ESLint gold sponsor, donating $1,000 each month for the ongoing maintenance and development of ESLint! Nx is a front-end focused set of tools for working with web applications, with a special focus on monorepo setups.

Here's what the folks at Nx had to say about ESLint:

"Nx uses ESLint to enforce code quality, library boundaries, and project visibility constraints. ESLint makes Nx more powerful, so on behalf of the Nx.dev community, we're proud to do our part and sponsor ESLint's continued success!" -- Jeff Cross, Co-founder and Principal Architect at Nrwl

"We help many companies build large systems using Nx. To keep them maintainable, it's important to follow community and org-specific best practices, and ESLint makes it easy." -- Victor Savkin, Co-founder at Nrwl

ESLint is grateful for the support of the Nx team and we are putting these funds to work by paying more contributors to help maintain and develop ESLint. Due to the support of companies like Nx, ESLint is well-positioned to continue being actively maintained for the foreseeable future.