ESLint v8.17.0 released

by Milos Djermanovic - 3 June 2022

We just pushed ESLint v8.17.0, which is a minor release upgrade of ESLint. This release adds some new features and fixes several bugs found in the previous release.


The no-use-before-define rule has a new option allowNamedExports.


Bug Fixes


  • b915018 docs: Update website UI to latest (#15944) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • f0bb609 docs: Update Exponentiation operator MDN link (#15960) (Pranjal Jain)
  • baa0153 docs: Use correct past tense "left" instead of "leaved" (#15950) (Frederik Braun)
  • 1351a9b docs: Add Resources section to rule pages (#15901) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • 68cf0fb docs: cleanup typos (#15936) (Nick Schonning)
  • 13b62ae docs: use-dart-sass instead of node-sass (#15912) (Deepshika S)
  • c81c5d6 docs: add social media links (#15920) (Deepshika S)
  • 0d6a50b docs: fix openjs link (#15917) (Amaresh S M)
  • 54910f5 docs: display version in mobile view (#15909) (Amaresh S M)