ESLint v8.8.0 released

by Milos Djermanovic - 28 January 2022

We just pushed ESLint v8.8.0, which is a minor release upgrade of ESLint. This release adds some new features and fixes several bugs found in the previous release.


Suppressed Messages

Suppressed messages are lint messages (errors and warnings) that were suppressed by eslint-disable, eslint-disable-line and eslint-disable-next-line comments.

ESLint API now provides information about suppressed lint messages. This information is available to custom formatters and API users as a new property suppressedMessages (array of SuppressedLintMessage objects) on LintResult objects.


  • 5d60812 feat: implement rfc 2021-suppression-support (#15459) (Yiwei Ding)


  • 5769cc2 docs: fix relative link (#15544) (Nick Schonning)
  • ccbc35f docs: trimmed rules h1s to just be rule names (#15514) (Josh Goldberg)
  • 851f1f1 docs: fixed typo in comment (#15531) (Jiapei Liang)
  • 7d7af55 docs: address upcoming violation of markdownlint rule MD050/strong-style (#15529) (David Anson)