ESLint v7.0.0-alpha.3 released

by Kai Cataldo - 27 March 2020

We just pushed ESLint v7.0.0-alpha.3, which is a major release upgrade of ESLint. This release adds some new features and fixes several bugs found in the previous release. This release also has some breaking changes, so please read the following closely.


This release contains the following breaking changes:

  1. Making RuleTester checks stricter.
  2. Plugins are now loaded relative to the configs that reference them.
  3. Use the current working directory as base path when using --config.

It also adds support for the following new language features:

  1. Core rules now support globalThis.


Since this is a pre-release version, you will not automatically be upgraded by npm. You must specify the next tag when installing:

npm i eslint@next --save-dev

You can also specify the version directly:

npm i eslint@7.0.0-alpha.3 --save-dev

Migration Guide

As there are a lot of changes, we've created a migration guide describing the changes in great detail along with the steps you should take to address them. We expect that most users should be able to upgrade without any build changes, but the migration guide should be a useful resource if you encounter problems.

Breaking Changes


Bug Fixes


Dependency Upgrades