Indeed donates $10,000 to ESLint

by Nicholas C. Zakas - 9 September 2019

We are happy to announce that Indeed has donated $10,000 to ESLint, as part of their FOSS Contributor Fund. It is an honor to be supported by Indeed. We are grateful to the head of Open Source, Duane O'Brien, and the employees who contributed to and nominated ESLint.


We are happy to share that Indeed has donated $10,000 to the ESLint project as part of their FOSS Contributor Fund. The FOSS Contributor Fund is a unique idea, where all Indeed employees may nominate an open source project to receive a one-time donation, and any employee who has contributed to an open source project during that month gets to vote on the nominees. We are honored to be one of the projects that Indeed employees chose to support.

"Most JavaScript projects directly or transitively depend on ESLint. An Indeed employee nominated ESLint to receive a donation from the FOSS Contributor Fund, and their colleagues clearly agreed. We're happy to support the open source technologies that allow us to develop, protect, and maintain the digital infrastructure that supports our products and helps people get jobs." -- Duane O'Brien, Head of Open Source, Indeed

We are grateful to Duane for reaching out to discuss the details of their contribution, and to the employees at Indeed who voted to support ESLint. Donations such as this allow the all-volunteer ESLint team to continue to make project improvements going forward.