ESLint v6.2.1 released

by Kai Cataldo - 20 August 2019

We just pushed ESLint v6.2.1, which is a patch release upgrade of ESLint. This release fixes several bugs found in the previous release.

This release includes a security fix in the eslint-utils package, which is a dependency of ESLint. The security issue affects users that run ESLint on untrusted source code (e.g. servers that lint the user's project as a service). By taking advantage of a bug in a certain piece of analysis, a user could supply malicious source text that causes arbitrary code to be executed in the linting process.

  • This issue affects versions of eslint-utils between v1.2.0 and v1.4.0.
  • ESLint versions between v5.3.0 and v6.2.0 are potentially vulnerable (their allowed dependencies include vulnerable eslint-utils versions). However, these versions of ESLint can still be used safely if the eslint-utils dependency is updated to the latest version (e.g. by updating eslint-utils in a lockfile, or purging node_modules and reinstalling).
  • ESLint v6.2.1 is not vulnerable to the issue.


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