ESLint v4.10.0 released

by Ilya Volodin - 27 October 2017

We just pushed ESLint v4.10.0, which is a minor release upgrade of ESLint. This release adds some new features and fixes several bugs found in the previous release.


Bug Fixes


  • c529de9 Docs: Amend rule document to correct and complete it (refs #6251). (#9498) (Jonathan Pool)
  • 7d390b2 Docs: Revise contributor documentation on issue labels. (#9469) (Jonathan Pool)
  • 720b6d5 Docs: Update (#9504) (薛定谔的猫)
  • f054ab5 Docs: add .md to link (for github users) (#9501) (薛定谔的猫)
  • 5ed9cfc Docs: Correct violations of “Variable Declarations” in Code Conventions (#9447) (Jonathan Pool)
  • 3171097 Docs: Clears confusion on usage of global and local plugins.(#9492) (Vasili Sviridov)
  • 0f71fef Docs: Unquote booleans in lines-between-class-members docs (#9497) (Brandon Mills)
  • b3d7532 Docs: use consistent terminology & fix link etc. (#9490) (薛定谔的猫)
  • 87db8ae Docs: Fix broken links (#9488) (gpiress)
  • 51bdb2f Docs: Incorrect link to related rule (#9477) (Gavin King)
  • 1a962e8 Docs: Add FAQ for when ESLint cannot find plugin (#9467) (Kevin Partington)
  • b12e5fe Docs: Repair broken links and add migration links. (#9473) (Jonathan Pool)
  • eca01ed Docs: Add missing info about special status of home-dir config files. (#9472) (Jonathan Pool)
  • 47e5f6f Docs: ensure "good commit message" examples actually follow guidelines (#9466) (Teddy Katz)
  • ecac0fd Docs: Remove blockBindings references (#9446) (Jan Pilzer)
  • 052c504 Docs: suggest deleting branches after merging PRs (#9449) (Teddy Katz)
  • a7521e3 Docs: improve examples for multiline-comment-style (#9440) (Teddy Katz)
  • 5012661 Build: fix npm run profile script (fixes #9397) (#9455) (Teddy Katz)
  • b6f31a9 Build: changelog update for 4.9.0 (ESLint Jenkins)


  • f9c6673 Chore: Add tests to cover array and object values and leading commas. (#9502) (Jonathan Pool)
  • 9169258 Chore: remove npm run check-commit script (#9513) (Teddy Katz)
  • 350a72c Chore: regex.test => string.startsWith (#9518) (薛定谔的猫)
  • de0bef4 Chore: remove obsolete eslintbot templates (#9512) (Teddy Katz)
  • 3204773 Chore: enable max-len. (#9414) (薛定谔的猫)
  • da77eb4 Chore: Revise no-config-file test to prevent false failure. (#9443) (Jonathan Pool)
  • 0b89865 Chore: ensure tests for internal rules get run (#9453) (Teddy Katz)
  • b31e55a Chore: move internal rules out of lib/ (#9448) (Teddy Katz)