ESLint v4.6.0 released

by Teddy Katz - 1 September 2017

We just pushed ESLint v4.6.0, which is a minor release upgrade of ESLint. This release adds some new features and fixes several bugs found in the previous release.




Bug Fixes


  • e6b115c Build: Add an edit link to the rule docs’ metadata (#9049) (Jed Fox)


  • 88a64cc Chore: Make parseJsonConfig() a pure function in Linter (#9186) (Teddy Katz)
  • 0d3a854 Chore: avoid mutating report descriptors in report-translator (#9189) (Teddy Katz)
  • 8ed779c Chore: remove currentScopes property from Linter instances (refs #9161) (#9187) (Teddy Katz)
  • 4b94c6c Chore: make parse() a pure function in Linter (refs #9161) (#9183) (Teddy Katz)
  • 1be5634 Chore: don't make Linter a subclass of EventEmitter (refs #9161) (#9177) (Teddy Katz)
  • e95af9b Chore: don't include internal test helpers in npm package (#9160) (Teddy Katz)
  • 6fb32e1 Chore: avoid using private Linter APIs in astUtils tests (refs #9161) (#9173) (Teddy Katz)
  • 2d90030 Chore: remove unused assignment. (#9182) (薛定谔的猫)
  • d672aef Chore: refactor reporting logic (refs #9161) (#9168) (Teddy Katz)
  • c147b97 Chore: Make SourceCodeFixer accept text instead of a SourceCode instance (#9178) (Teddy Katz)
  • f127423 Chore: avoid using private Linter APIs in Linter tests (refs #9161) (#9175) (Teddy Katz)
  • 2334335 Chore: avoid using private Linter APIs in SourceCode tests (refs #9161) (#9174) (Teddy Katz)
  • 2dc243a Chore: avoid using internal Linter APIs in RuleTester (refs #9161) (#9172) (Teddy Katz)
  • fcb7bb4 Chore: avoid unnecessarily complex forEach calls in no-extra-parens (#9159) (Teddy Katz)
  • 60c5148 Chore: improve coverage in lib/*.js (#9130) (Teddy Katz)