ESLint v4.0.0-alpha.2 released

by Ilya Volodin - 5 May 2017

We just pushed ESLint v4.0.0-alpha.2, which is a major release upgrade of ESLint. This release adds some new features and fixes several bugs found in the previous release. This release also has some breaking changes, so please read the following closely.

Note: This version of ESLint is not ready for production use and is provided to gather feedback from the community before releasing the final version. Please let us know if you having any problems or feedback by creating issues on our GitHub repo or joining our Gitter channel.


  • ESLint will now validate .eslintrc.* files for unknown properties

Breaking Changes


Bug Fixes


  • b463045 Docs: add typescript-eslint-parser (#8388) (#8534) (薛定谔的猫)
  • e52d998 Docs: Configuring Cascading and Hierarchy example correction (#8512) (Cheong Yip)
  • e135aa5 Docs: Correct code of conduct link on (#8517) (Zander Mackie)
  • 9c3da77 Docs: list another related rule in no-undefined (#8467) (Ethan)
  • f987814 Docs: Update for v4.0.0-alpha.1 release (#8488) (Kai Cataldo)

Dependency Upgrades


  • 025e97a Chore: delete duplicated test. (#8527) (薛定谔的猫)
  • 37e3ba1 Chore: Add license report and scan status (#8503) (Kevin Wang)
  • afbea78 Chore: don't pull default options from eslint:recommended (fixes #8374) (#8381) (Teddy Katz)