ESLint v3.16.1 released

by Kai Cataldo - 22 February 2017

We just pushed ESLint v3.16.1, which is a patch release upgrade of ESLint. This release fixes several bugs found in the previous release.

Bug Fixes

  • ff8a80c Fix: duplicated autofix output for inverted fix ranges (fixes #8116) (#8117) (Teddy Katz)


  • f3a6ced Build: package.json update for eslint-config-eslint release (ESLint Jenkins)


  • 22d7fbf Chore: fix invalid redeclared variables in tests (#8130) (Teddy Katz)
  • 8d95598 Chore: fix output assertion typos in rule tests (#8129) (Teddy Katz)