ESLint v3.11.0 released

by Brandon Mills - 25 November 2016

We just pushed ESLint v3.11.0, which is a minor release upgrade of ESLint. This release adds a new feature and fixes several bugs found in the previous release.


This is a summary of some of the notable changes in this version of ESLint.

New Rules

Two new rules were added:

More Autofixing

Autofix support was added to two rules:



  • 7185567 Update: add fixer for operator-assignment (#7517) (Teddy Katz)
  • faf5f56 Update: fix false negative of quotes with \n in template (fixes #7646) (#7647) (Teddy Katz)
  • 474e444 Update: add fixer for sort-imports (#7535) (Teddy Katz)

Bug Fixes

  • d50f6c1 Fix: incorrect location for no-useless-escape errors (fixes #7643) (#7645) (Teddy Katz)
  • 5c9a4ad Fix: Prevent quotes from fixing templates to directives (fixes #7610) (#7617) (Teddy Katz)


  • f9b70b3 Docs: Enable example highlighting in rules examples (ref #6444) (#7644) (Alex Guerrero)
  • 54a993c Docs: Fix a typo in the (#7652) (Vse Mozhet Byt)
  • 32a3547 Docs: Add absent quotes in rules documentation (#7625) (Denis Sikuler)
  • 07124d1 Docs: add missing quote mark (+=" → "+=") (#7613) (Sean Juarez)
  • 8998043 Docs: fix wording in docs for no-extra-parens config (Michael Ficarra)

Dependency Upgrades

  • d90ca46 Upgrade: Update markdownlint dependency to 0.3.1 (fixes #7589) (#7592) (David Anson)


  • eadd808 Chore: Fix prefer-arrow-callback lint errors (#7651) (Kevin Partington)
  • b7432bd Chore: Ensure JS files are checked out with LF (#7624) (Kevin Partington)