ESLint v3.2.1 released

by Nicholas C. Zakas - 1 August 2016

We just pushed ESLint v3.2.1, which is a patch release upgrade of ESLint. This release fixes several bugs found in the previous release.

Bug Fixes

  • 4ca809e Fix: Normalizes messages so all end with a period (fixes #6762) (#6807) (Patrick McElhaney)
  • c7488ac Fix: Make MemberExpression option opt-in (fixes #6797) (#6798) (Rich Trott)


  • 38d0d23 Docs: clarify minor releases and suggest using `~ to version (#6804) (Henry Zhu)
  • 715e8fa Docs: Update issue closing policy (fixes #6765) (#6808) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • 261a9f3 Docs: Update JSCS status in README (#6802) (alberto)
  • 5ae0887 Docs: Update (#6799) (Daniel Hritzkiv)