ESLint 0.16.1 released

by Nicholas C. Zakas - 8 March 2015

We just pushed ESLint 0.16.1, which is a patch update to fix bugs discovered in 0.16.0.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix: Ensure all export nodes are traversable (fixes #1965) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • Fix: Ensure class names are marked as used (fixes #1967) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • Fix: Node.js scoping in block-scoped-var (fixes #1969) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • Fix: remove typo that caused a crash (fixes #1963) (Fabricio C Zuardi)


  • Update: Enable ES6 scoping for more options (Nicholas C. Zakas)


  • Docs: Added missing "are" (Sean Wilkinson)