ESLint 0.10.1 released

by Nicholas C. Zakas - 6 December 2014

We just pushed ESLint 0.10.1, which is a patch update to fix bugs discovered in 0.10.0.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix: comma-spacing and comma-style to work with array literals (fixes #1492) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • Fix: comma-spacing has false positives when parenthesis are used (fixes #1457) (Jamund Ferguson)
  • Fix: prevent crash on empty blocks in no-else-return (fixes #1527) (Mathias Schreck)
  • Fix: Restrict use-isnan violations to comparison operators. (Fixes #1535) (Jordan Harband)
  • Fix: wrong op index in no-multi-spaces (fixes #1547) (Brandon Mills)

Build Changes

  • Build: Ensure changelog works with large semver versions (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • Build: Fix md to html conversion regex (fixes #1525) (Brandon Mills)
  • Build: make the "gensite" target work when DOCS_DIR does not exist (fixes #1530) (Jeff Williams)


  • Docs: alphabetize the "Stylistic Issues" section (Jeff Williams)
  • Docs: badges should only refer to master branch (Mathias Schreck)
  • Docs: Fix v0.10.0 changelog (Nicholas C. Zakas)


  • Update: better operator regex in use-isnan rule (fixes #1551) (Michael Ficarra)