ESLint 0.8.1 released

by Nicholas C. Zakas - 9 September 2014

We just pushed ESLint 0.8.1, which is a patch update to fix bugs discovered in 0.8.0.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix: Ensure exit code is 1 when there's a syntax error (fixes #1239) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • Fix: vars-on-top directive support (fixes #1235) (Michael Ficarra)
  • Fix: Avoid mutating node.range in max-len (fixes #1224) (Brandon Mills)


  • Update: space-in-brackets to allow exceptions (fixes #1142) (Brandyn Bennett)


  • Docs: fix up vars-on-top documentation (fixes #1234) (Michael Ficarra)
  • Docs: Typo, add missing quotation mark (Ádám Lippai)