ESLint 0.4.5 released

by Nicholas C. Zakas - 29 March 2014

We just pushed ESLint 0.4.2, which is a minor release mostly to fix some bugs.

Breaking Changes

There are no breaking changes in this release.

Complete Changelog

The following is the complete list of changes in this version:

  • Build: Add perf check into Travis build to better monitor performance regressions (fixes #732) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • Fix: Make sure semi reports correct location of missing semicolon (fixes #726) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • Add --no-eslintrc cli flag (ref #717) (Brandon Mills)
  • Fix #716 crash with reset flag (Brandon Mills)
  • Docs: Fixed JSON formatting and highlighting (Anton Rudeshko (Tesla))
  • fixes #723: block-scoped-var throws on unnamed function expression (Michael Ficarra)
  • Fix: Make stroustrup brace-style closing message make sense (fixes #719) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • Fix: no-comma-dangle reports correct line number (Andrey Popp)
  • Upgrade: Esprima to 1.1.1 and EScope to 1.0.1 (fixes #718) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • CLI: Add reset cli flag (refs #692) (Brandon Mills)
  • Relax eqeqeq null check (fixes #669) (Brandon Mills)
  • New Rule: handle-callback-err (fixes #567) (Jamund Ferguson)